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  2. So I noticed a few duplicates services running in task manager which is how I originally found this virus. The malicious software would be called something like bluetooth service_1310 right next to a legitimate Bluetooth service application. So I downloaded Malwarebytes, the rootkit version as well, roguekiller, superantispyware and many more, and ran all of these in safe mode with networking because that's what the guides the I was following were suggesting. rkill first and then virus removal softwares. There were some other viruses on my computer but the svchost virus has eluded them all. So I boot it from a Windows CD and reinstalled everything only on my operating system SSD at first. When I check task manager again the virus was still there but it has switched its name to a number of different services and had to come up with a new alphanumeric four digit number just like in the above example. So I realized this is no ordinary virus and accepted the fact that backing up my data was a lost cause so I used the samsung magician to secure erase my m.2 and then downloaded my BIOS on a separate computer and flashed it with a USB, then I use secure erase in my BIOS to wipe another hard drive and then found an old Windows 10 installation CD to reinstall Windows. I have a number of other hard drives but I just disconnected them and only let my "secure erase" ssd's connect to my computer as well as my disk drive. Well after all this the viruses changed its name again and somehow survived my hard drive wipes. This time I noticed a SVChost process that is running under my account name instead of system. There are also several processes that are using the underscore 4 digit signature that I've been noticing since the start. I just completed the faq guide on what to try before posting but no luck. I'm writing this from my phone so have to post again to upload the logs requested
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