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  1. Hey, I've been running a few scans on my system, and for the most part things have been fine. However one issue I do have is with AdwCleaner. It seems to find this file under "Pup.Optional.Legacy" and is mentioned as the type "Chrome Start Page". The details show a very a long astromenda.com link. I know astromenda is a redirecting malware, but the thing is I've encountered no such issues. I've never been redirected. AdwCleaner is the only service I've used that picks this PUP up, malwarebytes nor several others have reported it. I've tried moving the file to Quarantine, and it goes away after a reboot. Doing a scan won't show it. But it comes straight back as soon as I launch Chrome and will show in scans again. Only Chrome, I should mention. This doesn't happen if I launch Chromium. Initially I actually had 2 files that did showed as PUP, the other was also astromenda but type "Search Engine". I managed to fix that by simply going into "Manage search engines" in Chrome and removing Astromenda from "Other Search Engines". So it was something I did within Chrome itself that got rid of it. And it didn't seem to be malware, as most "Other Search Engines" seemed to simply be a list of sites I've visited that had a search function. But I can't seem to find a way to get rid of this "Chrome Start Page" PUP. It doesn't seem like something that's been installed, but AdwCleaner picks it up every time. It seems more like a file or link I visited or something that I would have to remove from Chrome, as that's how I got rid of the other PUP, but I don't know where it could be. I may be wrong though. Any ideas? Thanks for any help
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