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  1. Hi @gonzo, Thank you for delisting and can you let us know why the domain was blacklisted?
  2. Hi @Dashke Is it possible to remove the warning sign that appears for the"tdrive.li" domain?
  3. Hi @redwolfe_98, Thank you for sharing your comments. I'd like to inform you that the shortened_url domain itself is not a malicious site and here are the steps we perform to ensure that malware content does not get hosted from Zoho WorkDrive : 1. We do have an Anti Virus scan in place which validates the files during upload. So most malwares can not be uploaded to the cloud at all. 2. We also do have a spam and fraudulence detection algorithm in place which identifies if the uploaded files are phishing documents. So most spamming documents do get filtered out as spam and never get p
  4. Hi @Dashke, This was reported by some of our customers. Will try to gather necessary information from them and get back to you.
  5. We, Zoho WorkDrive are a Cloud based Content Collaboration Software provided by Zoho Corporation; check this link - https://www.zoho.com/workdrive/ for more details. Our product has a https://help.zoho.com/portal/kb/articles/external-file-sharing-in-team-folder#To_share_a_file_externally_from_a_Team_Folder which allows files/folders uploaded to WorkDrive and can be shared to everyone on the internet by generating an external link for the file. These hyperlinks are shortened links such as this one https://tdrive.li/J8HFH_WorkDriveDemo. Recently some of our customer complained that the fol
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