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  1. Thanks for your response exile. A new key makes sense security-wise since I have already changed the account password. The initial purchase info went through a Microsoft email account and I didn't think to delete it, so that may have been where the leakage occurred. I double checked all the instances of Malwarebytes on my account and came up another unknown device listed, which I deleted. In this case no name was associated with the user... it was simply left blank. We are concerned about leakage of bank info so your comment is reassuring. Will complete the form as you suggested. Ty.
  2. An Unknown computer named TERRY-PC appeared on our Mbam device list. Neither my partner nor myself have given access to a third party. After searching the name it would appear to be in some way connected with Microsoft Win 10 admin operations. But how could it appear on my Mbam device list without being registered and obtaining access by password? Or are devices operating on the computer simply reflected in the Mbam device list? Unclear about that. Next question concerns security. Can a user on a shared Mbam account hack the online data of other users? Ty in advance.
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