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  1. #grahamperrin, do you recommend enabling NoScript along with Browser Guard? I ask because I've just added the latter and haven't seen it in action yet. Do the two overlap or get in each other's way? Seconding your comment, thanks everyone for your consideration and response to my initial post. There are some nasty tech-threats out there and it's quite comforting to know there are those who can - and are willing to - help. 👏 GME
  2. It actually did freeze the computer for a time in that I couldn't get to task manager, start menu, etc. It eventually resolved to the point that I did a shut down/restart. Today's browsers are (disturbingly) powerful I'm thinking. Yeah and so are today's creative bad-guys. I stay alert and do pretty well with my brain and my safeguards. But I have friends who are less protected and a whole lot less savvy. How many gullible responses to this kind of thing never get reported? Or even noticed? Sorry. That sounded a lot like a soapbox. GME
  3. Interesting the way these minds work. But their ploys do work far more than one would expect. Think is, I don't understand how they could freeze my computer but not install anything. Should I be looking for some sinister anomaly? As usual, thank you all for applying your brains to my issue. Once upon a time I'd have been able to reciprocate but my days of being "in the loop" and "up to snuff" are gone. I can still tinker inside a PC and work in the day to day of my tech doings. And some of that will change as I'm forced to go to Windows 10. Speaking of which, I have a lifetime s
  4. I did discover browser guard just as I was preparing to submit my issue. I installed it right away and assumed it would have caught the page in question. Also, as I said, I realized it was a hoax - misspellings and all! But I just wanted to be sure I didn't need to report it or do anything about it. Thanks for the screenshot of browser guard. Good to know what it would look like. Did I miss a mailing that announced it? Thanks for the responses. GME
  5. Greetings, Windows 7 Pro (but sadly not for much longer) 64 bit, Firefox v. 71 (64 bit), ESET Nod 32, Malwarebytes Pro, 1Password First off, I have ESET Nod 32 antivirus and Malwarebytes Pro running at maximum protection and I don't think any software was installed. I was (I think) checking my emails and suddenly at screen came up with all manor of alarms and threats. I wasn't tempted in the least to click on anything but I wasn't able to navigate; everything was frozen. Finally using various attempts to access task manager, I did get back enough to get a printscreen and shut down re
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