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  1. the link (to the exe) is now https://aspercloud.lethdev2019.repl.co/p8Kz8P56BPD5fzG19rFTEkHZjzLEOMfijIjjBKnXY7BGVCOnTONm90cAazrXw7hq.exe
  2. I had been hosting a forked version of lolisafe (which is a cloud storage service) on repl.it at https://aspercloud.lethdev2019.repl.co and i uploaded an executable (https://aspercloud.lethdev2019.repl.co/KKE2OMkgiPYr7K0ybH5VmyVPtOmM0zeLXZ8pHNt9Ksg221O7TZ3MP7kdmn6Aj6TT.exe) but as soon as i clicked download to my own exe that i created using py installer, browser guard instantly blocked the whole site. I proceeded to download it then i scanned it using avast and it found nothing at all! please could you white list the site.
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