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  1. Thanks for that tip. Mine looks like that now. Previously I did extra Check For Updates after enabling beta in Settings. All seems to be well now.
  2. I had to uninstall my Malwarebytes so how do I get that downloaded again?
  3. This is copy of the email I sent to support@malwarebytes.com 6/27/20. I received no reply. I will not again pay for Malwarebytes. I'll just use the free version or just move to Avast or just consider Windows Defender to be good enough. For no reason that I know of Malwarebytes slowed my computer. Every keystroke takes 1-5 minutes but everything works. My Computer Repair Specialist advised me to uninstall Malwarebytes to find if that was the problem and it was!!. So what do I do now? Otherwise, it has been working fine. Also, I'm not going to waste any more of my time verifying what version I purchased or anything like that. The reason I did the paid version is I though I would get better support service than the the free version but you guys provide no service at all.
  4. No, I didn't do anything at that time. Recently I tried to send email and ask what I should do to get onto this computer but after getting no replies I tried to do it myself.
  5. I posted the ticket yesterday morning but got no reply at all. I just posted again after conversing with Pothos. I went to my.malwarebytes account and sent him a screenshot of it to his private email. He said it should work. Everything looks fine until I activate then it says: MBAM403102 The current license entitlement has expired I got my account from you when I had a Windows 7 computer and everything was fine. That computer stopped running so I bought this used Windows 10 and they put AVAST on it. I was exhausted and burned out so I just put off doing anything about Malwarebytes but I like it better than AVAST. So when my renewal notice came in I now have to get it onto this computer. I think it's version 3 premium (paid)
  6. I don't remember getting any ticket number. It would be unlikely that I gave my email wrong but not impossible. I could file another ticket if you think I should.
  7. I don't have a ticket number. Yes I checked my junk folder. I suppose they are all on Christmas vacation. On 12/18 I replied to the original email I got from Malwarebytes. I remember that about a week ago I went to website to find where to send email and maybe I even sent other emails but no replies on any. Only their original email that they will auto renew.
  8. I already filed a request at "this page" you sent me to but no one is responding to me. I got to where I downloaded, installed, and tried to activate. I was asked for license number which I got at malwarebytes website. When I enter that license and try to activate it says the license is no longer active. I think that is the terminology. So I get email it is set to renew on 12/20 but I can't get it working on my computer. I've had this computer for a few months but didn't do anything about malwarebytes because AVAST was already installed and I was too lazy (burned out actually).
  9. If you don't help me get Malwarebytes onto this new Windows 10 computer, I will update my credit card so the charge will fail when it is auto renews Dec 22 or 23. I have emailed for support several times and can't find any other place to email. So tomorrow I will disable that credit card unless you provide some help.
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