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  1. Hello, I wanted to change security permissions on my hard drive because I couldn't change folders to no longer read only, it would only let me change files to read only or not. So I set it to administrators for my drive, while changing the permission though it failed to enumerate for Malwarebytes stuff which makes sense so no third party could maliciously remove it. However now the uninstaller doesn't work and I cannot delete the files, even though I am an administrator and malwarebytes itself doesn't work either. I'd like advice on how to fix this, I tried using a .bat to change permissions, I tried changing the group and ticking the two boxes and pressed apply (that's what it failed to enumerate on in the first place). I cant even delete the individual files and work my way up because it treats me like I don't have permission. I am on an administrator account. Any advice that isn't resetting windows? Many thanks.
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