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  1. I just got into "My Account" and found that someone issued a new license key. Everything seems to be working now. Thank you!
  2. I have uninstalled the Malwarebytes program and reinstalled it. When I go to activate the license the attached file is what I get.
  3. I have checked my email Junk folder, and checked both the blocked senders on my IPS as well as my email client, and no I haven't received any response from Malwarebytes or invisioncloudcommunity.com
  4. I downloaded V4 and now I can't activate my premium license. When I try, it says I'm blacklisted. There is no way to contact any support. I have tried to submit tickets and have received no response. The chat system doesn't work and just says to submit a thicket. I've held a premium license since 2009. I have never seen a commercial website with such little access to any support or problem resolution. Talk about a rip off.
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