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  1. I updated, but apparently not to version 4. It's still 3.8.3. In any case, I can understand how a free piece of software would advertise while being used, or while providing some clear benefit at that time (like Avast, which offers some realtime protection), but for a software to pop up ads while it's running in the background, mainly because it's actually annoying to turn off while not in use (due to admin privilege shut down requirement)... feels a bit too pushy, and certainly too annoying for me to keep evaluating via the free version. I leave this as my opinion/feedback, in case
  2. I've installed the recent MalwareBytes free version 4 without any realtime protection. I have turned off system tray notifications (see attached). Now I'm getting random Malwarebytes ads popping up on my desktop to buy the full program (see attached). These also do not go away without being explicitly closed. This is intrusive, unsolicited and not related to why I installed the program (I will buy when I decide to buy), and I can't disable the behaviour in settings... That covers about 80% of the characteristics of AdWare, which I find ironic at least.. Short of uninstallin
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