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  1. So another 12 months have gone by and still no Malwarebytes available on the App Store in Australia. Surely we can't be that different from other countries already able to install on their iPhones. The mobile phone system is only GSM -- there are only 3 major carriers. Is the rollout here any closer? Please don't blame COVID-19; that excuse is wearing thin in so many ways.
  2. This is a Cloudflare CDN powered website belonging to h**ps://www.floraqueen.com -- when I ping FloraQueen.com at a terminal window I receive an IP address of /.0.5 -- not sure if this is why MB is blocking or if there is a genuine Trojan infection. I don't own or manage this website but my client a florist needs access to this site every hour and they are screaming that after upgrading to MB v4.0 the site was suddenly blocked. I have attached a screen shot of MB blocking the site when I tried to ping it from a terminal window -- hence Port 8. Thanks in advance for your reply
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