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  1. @Porthos @exile360 I apologize for the disappearance but this was found by their lawyer and he brought up that this violates a part where nothing can be disclosed until after and it has taken awhile for the back and forth to state I was in the clear and this counts as research. As it stands the company wants to dismiss it all and is heavily claiming to our public service committee that their virus/security software can help protect and lessen the amount of spam calls if we had used it and that it maybe already to late even if we did use it before hand. Given the limit jurisdiction of the court we will most likely have to go other avenues because this court is no permitted to rule on internet or anything spam call related which is only 40-50% of our claims. One of our arguments is they failed to protect our information because people are using our name and number to call and harass people. Im doing my best to research as much as possible on the topic and will continue to do so. Its such a complex issue given the amount of variables/options hackers can use and how testing which is better is impossible but I know that their are cases of people being exploited and companies have no clue, don't want a clue or can do nothing about it so they keep quite on it. The long story short of all this is, we have never gotten the speeds we pay for and they had us upgrade multiple times which included new routers and other equipment. Since those upgrades occurred we started to notice a connection between cuts & extremely slow internet speeds and activity on our phone line. We now have long periods where our phone is in use but not by us and we cannot dial out. THis has happened for over 2+ years now. The consistent amount of coincidences with the phone and internet show that they are linked somehow especially standing out how this all stops for a good period of time whenever we get a new router installed. Since then we have had attacks out our identities, online accounts and get at least 2-5 people per week calling us threating to stop calling, they are reporting us, calling the cops and more. Its hard to explain without writing a detailed book of events. I know a good deal about robo/spam calls but to the point its reached is unbearable. The net will cut out, then shortly after our phone line will go and we cannot call out. Then other times the net speed will suddenly die to 1 or 2 MBS and our phone will ring non stop almost as if we are being used to robo call and its coming through on our line. Also If Im on the phone for long periods of time I can hear someone pick up like they are on the only other phone in the house, then when they hear me and hang up it disconnects our call completely and a large rash of spam calls to our house follows within 1-3 hours after. I am the only person in our house that uses a computer and I am extremely cautious! No porn, no sketchy sites and very little to no online orders. What few orders I make are from the same 4 places, never amazon or likewise sites. I do appreciate you guys chiming in with information and helping out. I would like to make this thread as open as possible to retain as much info, similar stories or anything that will help me learn more on this topic. I know we will most likely be going back after this company in another court that has more "jurisdiction" than the current one and I know they will bring up the same things against our particular complaint. Thanks guys. Anything else that can help or I should look for is always greatly appreciated
  2. @Porthos Thank you for your response. Im aware of the way email addresses are sold continuously and of the website. Last I checked it said my main email was found 4 times. After learning this I switched emails for all important things. I do not use my cell/mobile for anything. I do now have W10 and use defender & MB. Ive divided my PCs for specific uses. 1- Nothing but gaming and only steam account, 2nd is for my ebay, a very select amount of shopping(mainly firearm sites but never used amazon) 3rd is basically a burner laptop. The only places I have ever given my email or more personal info to is the sites that require it for shipping purposes so I don't sign up for newsletters or anything. Im no where near being better then an educated amateur when it comes to being a "ghost" or invisible online but I surely don't sign up for things. I also go far out of my way to avoid giving personal information online to any website and was even hesitant when signing up for this forum but figured its MB so Im more safe then PH. The main issue here is my ISP & phone provider is saying that their VP style services can do things that no service currently can offer such as stop robo calls and people that do that type of stuff from finding our information & using it. They state they can stop, catch and interrupt these people and most malicious acts and because of this they are superior in protection over what I currently have( W defender & MB). Im trying to find a simple way to explain in a hearing how their claim is not at all accurate. They are trying to force me to use their service which allows them anytime remote access into my PC for checks and monitoring. They claim they if I had their service and used it a majority of robo/spam calls would be lessoned or stopped and the same thing when it comes to the use/attempts at our identity including email spam ect. I would post the case file & copies but until its considered ruled on Im not legally allowed to
  3. @exile360 Thank you very much for that detailed response! I completely agree with your break down. Perhaps in my haste I could have been a little more detailed. The lady stated that if we used their virus software it would cut down or stop robo & spam calls and then used a blanket statement of " could have protected our personal information more so than other companies". Unless I misread what you said, that's able to be proved and personal opinion is highly unlikely given the 2 companies in question. Then she boiled it down to they could offer better overall protection than other companies because they are the provider of said protection. In theory I could see they may have a higher possibility but at the same time I don't because all the info they would have(name, address, billing info) so would MBs... the only thing that would be a difference would be, MB doesn't protect my phone line. Then again her argument wasn't really dedicated to just protecting our phone line from spam, it was more if we protect you online that will dampen the effects of spam seen in your phone. I hope that makes a bit more sense. Basically the argument isn't VP its more, we can protect your overall & your phone from spam if you had our VP versus other options. Also side note, after testing this..there was no change in anything and their VP saw MBS as a virus and clashed. Is there any merit to their claim other then theory/ seems legit style logic? Is there any currently know way or service that claims(or can) slow or stop spam phone calls? Would you know anything on the subject of "highjacked routers/ lines" meaning if someone somehow gained access to our router or the phone line our internet is run through?
  4. Im not exactly sure where to post this but any information would be extremely helpful. Im currently in a PSC hearing with my ISP over speeds, security, spam calls & personal information theft. My ISP says their product can protect and help stop spam calls, identity and personal information theft and much more. They basically stated that any issues we have with both internet and phone security could have been stopped by their software. They have also tried to force it upon us multiple times as well as suggested heavily in a hearing that their software is superior to Malwarebytes. All I know is when I had their software years ago, all 3 of the house computers got ransomware and had to be reset or new hard drives. A total loss of all data and all 3 people had personal attacks on their banking, identity and abuse of their personal information of various sorts. Since we switched we have had 0 issues over the past years. The company even had 2 techs tell me that there is no way their service is better than Malwarebytes, they use it themselves "but of course we have to push our own product" The company is Frontier Communications. Ive reached out in many ways to Malwarebytes for a general response, statement or any information on a comparison or how to go about doing this myself. Such has does their statement about stopping all forms of scam, spam and theft even possible? How could one gauge which product offers the best protection? If anyone could help shed some light on the issues it would be Greatly appreciated! Im not looking to drag MB into this but a general statement or information I could obtain and use on my own would be helpful. TIA.
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