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  1. Updated firefox to latest.. It's still randomly page refreshing. :(
  2. It's the whole video really, sorry its so slow. The page refreshes at the end back to the quote "a teacher bangs a boy" from the beginning of the conversation. firefox version 60 I reinstalled the addon and tested cleverbot and the page still reloads randomly during the chat with cleverbot.
  3. here's a video i made that shows it happening. I don't know why it's happening but it's a bug, and its annoying. The page reloads randomly in the middle of the conversation and you lose your previous comments when it happens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tej1OUs0u4
  4. Hi, I have Malware Premium and the addon for Firefox and can't get it to find the malware in the webpage at cleverbot.com. The page refreshes randomly after having a conversation with the bot. I was able to block all the ads with adblock and malware addon. I was hoping someone could reproduce the page refresh/reload thing and pinpoint it. I thought it was a meta/html but those options aren't finding it. Also the java options do not find the issue. Thanks for any help.
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