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  1. Hi, thanks for the speedy responses. I re scanned the entire disk since last time I ejected it as soon as I saw the alert and this is what was found. Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn (The "r" was a typo) Location: D:\HBCD\Programs\Files\win7PExtras.7z HackTool:Win32/Keygen Location: D:HBCD\Programs\Files\Windows7Loader. 7z HackTool:Win32/Wpakill.B Location:D:\HBCD\Programs\Files\REMOVEWAT.7z Windows Defender is what detected it which I find funny cause I've never seen it detect anything before. As far as version, it's not the latest. It's a fresh reinstall on a newer pc I built using an older Windows version 10.0.18362 installer disk. I hadn't even connected to my network yet to update since reinstall. The disk he sold me is Version 15.2 Edition 1.1. Maybe false positives since HBCD does have some hacking type tools in it and I am using outdated Anti-virus version? However, I also have another copy of the same version that I burned myself later using the ISO I downloaded straight from official website and neither of these three files exist. I double checked myself, comparing the two disks. I also scanned the disk I burned myself and Defender didn't detect anything. He has ended the exact listing of the disk I bought so the link no longer exists but he's relisted what looks like the same exact disk in a new listing. The label looks exactly the same. When I go to my purchases in eBay the one I bought is grayed out. Here's the link to the current listing. hxxps://www.ebay.com/itm/HIRENS-ULTIMATE-BOOT-DISK-WINDOWS-7-XP-8-10-OR-LINUX-NEARLY-3GB-REPAIR-TOOLS-/173572345985?nav=SEARCH I can also provide a screenshot of it in my eBay purchases proving I purchased it if needed. He sells lots of software including some related to hacking I noticed. I don't want to notify eBay until I know for sure that my suspicion is confirmed. This is why I'm asking for your help first as I'm far from an expert. Also this way I have some backup so eBay doesn't just dismiss me as some nutcase. Any other information you need, just let me know and I'll provide all that I can. If I am right, I want to nail this jerk for it. Selling software with hidden cryptocurrency trojans is a real scumbag thing to do. I wonder how much Bitcoin he's made off all the pc's he's enslaved.
  2. Hello, I recently purchased a DVD from eBay containing Hirens Boot Disk from a seller. Today I happened to run a virus scan while the disk was in my drive so it also scanned the disk and found a virus called Win32/Triggre!rfn which I found out can give hackers remote access and hijacks pc's for cryptocurrency mining. Before I bought the disk my pc was already acting strange so I thought I had a virus at that time even though no anti-virus software could find anything. I am trying decide if I should contact eBay and report this seller but I need to be absolutely sure the virus was already on the disk. This is where I need help. I know it's possible for viruses to copy themselves to any media so is it possible that I already had the virus and it copied itself on to the disk during one of the many times it was in my DVD RW drive? I cannot tell if the disk is rewritable or not, is there a way to tell? I've also read that it may even be possible for non RW disks to be written to more than once like +R and -R so is that also possible? I would really appreciate any help and advice on what to do. If this eBay seller is selling and scamming people with infected software, he needs to be stopped and held accountable and I don't want anyone else make the same mistake I did to buy these disks. Looks like he has sold a lot of disks already.
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