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  1. 'Thanks for your report' Prorootect .. Thank you FatDuck!
  2. Hmm .. and then? Bump, sorry ..
  3. .. my file are in the WinRAR self-extracting archive. - So use the links in the first post, and make your conclusions, please. Thank you!
  4. Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file In simple or advanced uploader. Pitty, that's all I'm able to make for you! All.
  5. Hello Fatdcuk, I'm not able to send the log, because it does not saved in this MBAM location. Then how attach the file I saved on my desktop, please?..
  6. MBAM last version scan result (if I run MBAM file scan from right click) - 'Adware.Agent' for DriveSort.exe. I have downloaded DriveSort software from the developer site here: http://lmadhavan.com/software/archive/ Some other links saying this software is safe: Freewarewire.blogspot.com: http://freewarewire.blogspot.com/2009/06/drivesort-sort-it-like-its-hot.html SystemExplorer.net: http://systemexplorer.net/db/drivesort.exe.html PendriveApps.com: http://www.pendriveapps.com/drivesort-lists-the-largest-or-newest-files/ So DriveSort.exe is safe or not, please? Thank you!
  7. My Mother told me that I should never steal what does not belong to me. I loved my Mother, when she was alive, and I still love him and thank him for all his advices! I'm with you Marcin; look on Sysinternals thread 'Theft of Malwarebytes'database: IMMORAL, ILLEGAL!' here: http://forum.sysinternals.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=20958 With Kindest Regards, PROROOTECT
  8. Hello, What should I do with this, please ...
  9. Hello Bruce, Today : I have MBAM v1.28. BEFORE: Quick scan : 2'47 sec. Objects scanned: 42537. Objects infected : 2. Bad : HKCR\scrfile\shell\open\command : "%1" %* HKCR\regfile\shell\open\command : regedit.exe"%1" %* Remove selected. All selected items removed successfully. Restart of Windows. Starting : 3 seconds less than before !!! ( 23 sec ). AFTER: I look to Registry : ...\scrfile\... : GOOD! : "%" /S ...\regfile\... : GOOD! : regedit.exe "%1" MBAM : Quick scan : 2'48 sec. Objects scanned : 42543. Objects infected : 0. Thank you so much !!! All OK.
  10. Hi, This is BEFORE ... I am sleep ... See you tomorrow! Bye Your PROROOTECT
  11. Hello, I look to SREng ( System Repair Engineer ) : / System Repair / File Association : I see Error .REG and Error .SCR The same one's ... I look to Nemesis Anti-Spyware 1.2 Beta ( www.usec.at ) : / Registry Scans / File Assoc. Scan : I see 6 Uncommon entries ( yellow icon ) : regfile, scrfile ( the same one's ) and VBSFile, giffile, comfile, batfile -all 6 yellow icon's ... And on Startup Scan : yellow icon of explorer.exe from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon : Name : Shell , REG_SZ , Data : explorer.exe ... What's to be done? ... With Kindest Regards, PROROOTECT
  12. Hi, I understood . It is a toy , this " Trojan Simulator " ; is of use for NOTHING ! Thanks, PROROOTECT
  13. Thank you, Marcin !!! I did not know this ... Always MBAM SUPERSTAR ! Obviously. You have M.B.A.M. - Master of Best Annihilation of Malwares !
  14. Hello , Marcin, I wait and see ... Hazard Shield finds it ... Yours ( and Bruce ) respectfully , PROROOTECT
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