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  1. I'm just rebuilding my new Surface Pro X after unwittingly installing Malwarebytes. I crashed the Surface so badly that no recovery option worked, other than a factory reset. Now I know this does not work and according to this article, https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3635, "ARM-based Windows 10 PCs, such as Surface Pro X, are not currently compatible with Malwarebytes for Windows version 4. If you install Malwarebytes version 4 on this kind of device, technical issues may occur, such as an operating system crash. We recommend you do not install Malwarebytes for Windows version 4 on the Surface Pro X or other ARM-based device." Well, thanks for that. How about detecting the environment and preventing the install instead of allowing it to crash and burn the machine? Also, how about creating an ARM64 compatible build of Malwarebytes? I have paid for the software. I'm expecting it to work on a Windows machine without me having to have a degree in computer science to figure out whether or not it may be compatible with this new machine's particular processor. That's your job. Sincerely annoyed, teylyn
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