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  1. Hello Maurice, good day! It seems to work - thanks a lot... Bert
  2. Thanks a lot - good news, bad news... I'll try to get in touch with Kaspersky on that issue, too. Have a good time! Bert
  3. ...I forgot something: Excellent and fast service here - thanks a lot! Bert
  4. Roger that - I will try - and hope that Malwarebytes will find a solution on it's own, too. Have a good time! Bert
  5. Thanks exile360 for all this... I use Kaspersky Internet Security (German) v20.0.14.1085 (f) - current database and updates - and had a look to see whether I can find such items like "patches" anywhere in it's windows. Unfortunately I haven't been successful. In the net I 've found "patch k" only concerning Kasperky 2018 but without an option to download (something). Any idea here? Thanks again! Bert
  6. Good day Porthos! Yes, I made a mistake - must have mixed somthing up - sorry for that... Please find the MBST-grab-results.zip attached. I tried it several times: When MWB starts with Windows 10 in the background neither Firefox nor Thunderbird will work. See my post above. Thanks for your time and help! Bert mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hold it: The tools reinstalls Malwarebytes... Bert P.S. Is it not possible to edit or delete posts here?
  8. Thanks a lot, Porthos - but after I've run the tool Malwarebytes has been deleted after a restart of the PC required by your tool. What is to be done now? Reinstallation of Malwarebytes is first I think... Thanks! Bert
  9. Good day everyone here in this form! Yesterday I've installed the very last (new) version of Malwarebytes. It works fine as usual but neither Firefox nor Thunderbird (current versions each) does since then. Both programs hanging up on start and cannot be closed - even not with the task manager of Windows 10. A restart of the PC is nessessary... I could solve the problem by preventing Malwarebytes to start in the background with Windows 10. Can anyone confirm this and/or maybe have a solution for this problem please? Thanks a lot in advance- kind regards! Bert
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