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  1. Hi Maurice! Thank you for taking the time to send in a reply. Fortunately the problem has been dealt with as i sent a support ticket a few days after i didn't get any response. I did copy my message from this forum in exact wording mentioning i had posted in the forum as part of my first mail but it seems this post was still open and active! According to my knowledge and as per the supports help the PC is now all good! Thanks again ❤️
  2. Ahh! really! That is quite scary to hear. I hope its nothing severe as the pc working fine just perhaps a bit slower. I did have an infection a while back but had gottten rid of it (maybe its that?)
  3. Hiya! My other pc has had a problem where the real time protection was off and would not turn on and when i try running a scan it would give an error stating malwarebytes encountered a error while running a scan. This was not the latest 4 version of Malwarebytes. but the older 3 version I decided to unistall it from my programs, malwarebytes, Uniss001. Then i also tried to check from program install uninstall feature to make sure it was gone. I downloaded the latest installer from malwarebytes website and installed it. After installation, nothing happened nothing opened. i tried cli
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