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  1. SueG, do you have Kaspersky installed? Today I had the same problems and another person solved it for me. Or maybe another antivirus is conflicting with you malwarebytes.
  2. Thank you so much, Maurice Naggar. You saved me xD For now I desactivated Ransomware protection in Malwarebytes and everything seems to work fine. Tomorrow I will decide if uninstalling Kaspersky or not.
  3. Trying to open another programs, I see its not only Firefox who doesnt work, its VLC, some games, a wallpaper engine I have... Even Vivaldi doesn't open at times. I hope there is a way to revert to the previous version of Malwarebytes, because this is silly.
  4. After using your Support Tool and using the start Repair, it seems Vivaldi and Kaspersky work. Firefox still not, I even uninstalled and made a fresh restart, but still doesnt open
  5. Hi, I have Malwarebytes Pro versión 4.0.4. I shutted down my computer last night after various days Malwarebytes kept asking me to restart to update it (I rarely shut down, I mainly suspend it). My PC worked fine as always, till today. After restarting, now not only my Firefox and Vivaldi browsers doesn't open, my antivirus Kaspersky doesnt start either and the Pc runs slow. At first I was really ansious of a virus messing with my pc and somehow affecting my antivirus, browsers and Malwarebytes. Then I remembered the only thing I did on my pc between yesterday and today, was restarting t
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