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  1. Hi Dashke, Thanks a lot for your help, Manex
  2. Hi Dashke, Mmm, okay. And does that blocking have any relation with hphosts? I saw that the threat is still marked as active in hphosts, even though is not blocked by MalwareBytes: https://hosts-file.net/default.asp?s=karrikaluze.eus I tried the contact form in hphosts to ask for the removal but it did not work, that is why I wrote in this forum. Manex
  3. Hi Dashke, Sorry, what protection logs are you referring to? Manex
  4. Hi, I noticed that one of our websites is flagged, and we believe it is a false positive. We have carried out an overall analysis of the website and its files and looks safe. We did have a problem some time ago (by the time the url was added to the blacklist) but it was fixed. We thought the blacklist would get updated, but it hasn't been that way. Thanks, Manex
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