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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply... we use www.romancart.com secure.romancart.com remote.romancart.com cart.romancart.com
  2. note that the lates problem reported was with secure.romancart.com
  3. Hi, We don't actually use Malwarebytes ourselves so unfortunately I don't have anything to send you - I'm just relaying what we are being told by people using our system. I just wanted to make sure it has been unblocked. Many Thanks Simon
  4. Hi, On the 9th we reported that Romancart.com was blocked MB said it would be unblocked after the next update. (Thread is on this forum) I read that updates can happen several times a day. However 9 days later we have Malwarebytes users still reporting it as blocked. Are you sure it was unblocked? RomanCart.com is a shopping cart used by thousands of merchants. Blocking it is a bit like blocking PayPal if one of their merchants triggered your system. It would be great if RomanCart.com could be whitelisted in some way to prevent this happening again as it potentially affects lots of unrelated merchants. Or is this because the malwarebytes users have not updated for some reason? Thanks Simon
  5. Hi, Thanks for the info. We have now deactivated the RomanCart account that site was using. If you go to their site and click on the place order button it will show that it has been deactivated. The link in your post above will simply show an error message. Let me know if you need further info. Thanks Simon RomanCart Support
  6. Hi, We had one of our merchants report that you are blocking their access to www.romancart.com Please can you make sure that this is not the case. RomanCart is a shopping cart and this is a busy time of the year. We use Cloudflare so the ip address will not be useful. Many Thanks Simon RomanCart Support
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