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  1. Hey man thanks for trying is there any way i can support you? (review, or anything)
  2. Hey you've been an absolute legend and just a quick update the thing is back ;-; if this helps all of them have had a random numbers but the last few words have been non caps and just words here is the current one vbNm4soC6EySbC6C5aHc9Rm2R8TegwcLabcextsn Fixlog.txt
  3. Thanks so much i found the extention today too here is what it looks like inside my pc if this helps mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. OK here is the issue a few days ago i noticed this weird extention i had in google chrome it had different words and numbers all together ill just make one up to show you "48u5km543n3ht8ou3tnrtn84" it was weird and i used malwarebytes to remove it i clicked manage extention to find it was >1 MB and had all controls so that was super creepy and something else that was extra creepy was that it was given a "colour" to make it blend in with the background of chrome so i couldent see it i was poking around there and i found there was a way i could go into my file explorer to find where it was, i found it was in the extentions part of my C drive in google so i was like yay i can just delete this ***** and move on but nope i deleted it and deleted it from recycling bin then i went on with life 2 hours later I am on my pc and i look to check since i feel kinda good about myself *ik its not alot but still lol* then i see something almost exactly the same but the name of it was completely different i was very confused and decided to delete it again and repeat process untill now i was like ***** it im going all out and went through over 50 videos deleting ALL my search history *which is alot* and downloading this Adwcleaner i did all that after it had gone later today i found it back im so confused and so annoyed like i dont understand how it could be here and need some help this time i noticed it had some sort of end i copy pasted it before i deleted it to try finding something i couldent just checked if i still have it i do yay here it is mDzxI1LFgjhBrlU8VJ36TNKSMlpV09YSabcextsn That was the name of the most recent one i had i need some help since its not only slowing my chrome down and redirecting me it might be spying which is STUPID CREEPY LIKE ***** OFF DUDE PERSONAL SPACE COME ON any help would be great thanks!!
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