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  1. Hey there, I'm having the same problem however it's not just idman.exe, it's a registry value and a shortcut related to Internet Download Manager too. Many Thanks. scan results.txt
  2. Hi, I have updated to the latest version however Discord is stil blocked :(
  3. Hello there, I am suddenly getting spammed with alerts claiming that Discord is a trojan. I am 100% certain Discord is safe as it is a very popular messaging app with millions of active users. Does this mean my Discord has been hijacked? or is this an error with Malwarebytes? I am very worried. Many Thanks.
  4. Hello there @nikhils! Thank you so much for bringing it to your product team - very much appreciated. Many Thanks, Andrew.
  5. Hello there @nikhils! When I got my computer I changed the size of text, apps and other items to 150% as shown in the attached image. Without this setting the whole screen is very small and unreadable - as shown in the other attached image. With the setting set at 100% which is the default everything is extremely small on my monitor and unreadable unless I move very close to my monitor. To me it looks like Malwarebytes is not adapting to my custom scale and layout setting. When I changed it from 150% back down to 100% I did not notice any change in the size of Malwarebytes. I did not
  6. Hello there @nikhils! Thank you for your reply. I have restored the window and everything is still very small compared to my normal windows screen size. Please see the attached screenshot. Many Thanks, Andrew.
  7. Hello there @nikhils! Thank you so much for your response. Please see the attached screenshots of various different parts of the Malwarebytes application. I have also attached the imagestore_t53o8.png file - this is the size that normal applications seem to be on my computer. Many Thanks, Andrew.
  8. Please see attached the log file as requested. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hello there, I have just upgraded to Malwarebytes Premium 4.0.4. I have installed the latest version and the layout is very small. It's pretty difficult to read alot of the text and it is all very small compared to my normal desktop. I am unable to find anything in the settings menu to change the size of the Malwarebytes Window. The previous version worked perfectly fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many Thanks.
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