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  1. heres the trojan it papered multiple times even after removing it
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday i downloaded a fresh windows install on my pc,,it was from Microsofts own website ,after installing and downloading my essential apps ,i restarted the pc and it went into safe mode for no reason, stayed at the desktop for 5 seconds then restarted again into normal mode ,when it ran my task manager was greyed out it said "disabled by your adminstrator" my firewall has been disabled the firewall service properties is completely greyed out i cant start it or change anything ...also i tried some regedit fixes from other websites,the task manager gets fixed but then broken again if i restart >>however my firewall didnt get fixed ,even some reggestries gave me an error that i cant edit them for permission or othe reasons even tho im the admin and i was able to edit other registries so im guessing smth took control over these services and disabled them ? also my windows security auto closes sometimes .... my laptop detected a sever trojan yesteray called trigrre.fr i think it was targetting windows/fr smth idk i forgot cuz i reinstalled windows again with full disk wipe and the same problem happened again when i restarted>> some of the errors that pop on my firewall tries are: windows cant change some of your settings " code : 0x80070422 when i try to enable it "windows cant start firewall on local computer error 1058" when i tried some regedit and was able to make the service run automatically ,but then when i RC and try start this pops up.. not sure if the pictures help but i think these things are suspicious ?
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