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  1. @Maurice Naggar These are the inclusions I added to MB while trying to get KIS 2020 to work (as listed in this topic). Most of them are exclusions of Kaspersky. I few others (Chrome, adobe reader, keepass). So, then, I should leave the ones on KIS and remove the others? thank you so much
  2. thank you @Maurice Naggar. That was the first thing I did once it was installed. 😊 I haven't done so yet, but presume it is ok to remove the exclusions I added to MB?
  3. Thank you @Porthos for the link to KIS 2019. So much easier to just go back to 2019. Everything is working now on the new laptop. 😁😁 Thanks to everyone for all their help!
  4. Two notes, since I can't edit the post I just made. 1) The image is not the full list of inclusions, just the ones I added for Tbird. 2) I don't suppose anyone has a link to KIS 19 so I can install that instead of KIS 20?
  5. Finally felt like I could trust Windows 10 enough to move my files over, and Kaspersky is blocking Thunderbird, even with MB not running. Added all the exclusions I could think of and from the other post in this thread. Image attached. What am I missing? thanks in advance, as always!
  6. Thank you Maurice. I've added those drivers. Never dawned on me that I could type directly in the box. Had to force a full reboot when I started up today. And the taskbar keeps moving to the left whenever that happens. Hopefully this mess is resolved soon. I want to move foward and I'm not sure I'm willing to at this point.
  7. Ok, for now I'll just see what happens. Using explorer, there are many many files under System32\drivers (one of my previous screenshots shows that), but KIS only shows 3 files. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Part of my text got lost in the above. I don't have Sysnative set on my system.
  9. Thanks @exile360. The drivers do show up in the SysWOW64\ACTIVE_X\Anti-Malwar\sdk folder. Seems odd they would be buried down 3 directories. are these the same ones? Should I try adding these to the exclusions in KIS? TIA j
  10. I think I may have a working system now, many thanks to everyone, including @Maurice Naggar. Will let it go a day or two and see. KIS, MB, Windows 10 Pro 1909. Interestingly, I was not able to exclude the MB drivers. KIS refused to list them when attempting to exclude -- in fact only shows 3 files. screen shots attached which show that the drivers are there. Is there some "expert" checkbox I need to find and mark on KIS to get it to show me the drivers? Additionally, I too have noticed that Chrome has multiple instances -- at the moment I have 4 open ta
  11. Thank you @exile360 Oh Yay. Guess I made the right decision not to update KIS on my old computer. I will follow the other thread, and try what is in there as well. This thread might as well be closed. (If that's something I can do, I haven't figured it out yet.)
  12. Hi. I am in the process of moving everything from windows 7 to 10 on a new laptop. With just MalwareBytes (setup file download 12/19/2019, file version installed, there are no problems. With just Kaspersky Internet Security ( installed there are no problems. However, when I have both installed, I have problems with the entire system hanging, notably Adobe Reader DC (possibly also Chrome, testing today was just with Adobe, I first noticed the issue several days ago and this was my first opportunity to attempt to isolate the issue). Here's the basic order of wha
  13. Apparently the issue was fixed whilst I was traveling. Everything is working now, this can be closed. Thank you for all your help!
  14. @exile360, @Maurice Naggar -- thanks for your replies. I will be travelling this week, will be Sunday the earliest that I can try this and reply with results. thx
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