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  1. I also get significantly reduced download speeds. My service is Mediacom 1gps down and 60gps up. Without VPN, I average around 600-800mbps (mostly 700) down and around 60 up. With VPN, download speeds drop around 75% to around 150-200 mbps. The funny thing (and you probably have an explanation for this) is that upload speed is minimally affected. I'm in Cedar Rapids, IA and do all of my testing with Ookla and the server is WindStream (Chicago). I've tried many of the US-based Privacy servers and they all give pretty much the same results. I have no interest in the foreign server
  2. I purchased this on 4-29 and my results have been disappointing speed-wise. I have 200/20 service thru Mediacom. Three different speed tests non-vpn give me 250/25 which is better than promised. With vpn turned on I get 125/20 which is not acceptable. I tried three different servers closest to me and the speeds remained about the same. Prior to the purchase I did a fair amount of surfing sites that talked about who needs vpn and why. I pretty much decided that I didn't need it but thought it might be a good idea to try it out. The compelling reason I purchased this product was the toutin
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