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  1. I rebooted many times, activated all the features : no problem at all Well done guys, you finally found the issue and fixed it ! Problem (really) solved.
  2. Hi, This morning I installed the version from Great news : it seems to work fine here I was able to disable all of the real time protections, and launch a check : no problem Next step is to activate each task one by one and see what happens, I will report the result here. Thank you for this latest version. Even if it wasn't made expressly for me, I appreciate guys !
  3. Hi and happy new year, I gave up for weeks trying to have it working, but tried another time today. Same result but I have some news (I just hope you will be able to use the info) : So, after the installation and before rebooting (because if I do that nothing works at all), the software interface is really slow to answer if I want to disable some of the functionalities. I managed to stop the web protection, but I am unable to do the same with the rest (I think that one or more of them are responsible of the problem). It seems that the software tries (or wait) to disable them but cannot finish the procedure. I tried to close it but it was stucked. So I killed the task in task manager = success I restarted the software, and ... nothing. The task was there, but I never had the opportunity to see something on the screen. In more, it was taking a lot of resources. So, before going again to command line and remove the directory in order to be able to reboot properly, I managed to dump the memory of the stuked task. I am not sure that it is useful in Windows, but this is something I ask to my customers in my job (with Linux), so, I hope you will find a way to use it ! As the file is big (180MB) you will be able to download it with this link : https://stargate.enneade.fdn.org/malwarebytes/mbam.7z Please tell me when you have downloaded it for me to remove the link.
  4. Hi, Here is what I managed to gather. The problem is : I am unable to gather anything when the software is installed because I cannot connect to my windows profile ... I hope it will be helpful ... mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I owe you an apology here : it is not working in 3.x either, I wrote nonsense, sorry for that. I spent an hour this morning trying to get it working, but symptoms are the same as I had with 4.0.x (unable to login, end up with a windows message about "no more buffer memory available for svchost.exe". Same issue, same fix : boot with a rescue/installation disc/usb key, repair, command line, delete the malwarebytes installation directory, reboot, cleaning tool, reboot. So, the problem is not the new version but the fact that I am now using a licence (funny thing ...) and so a full options product. I will see what information I can send after my work.
  6. Well I understand perfectly that you want to fix all bugs with this new version (I am a software engineer and I am dealing with tickets like this one) but I spent 4 hours on this issue yesterday, and I really don't want to do it again (I am working at home on this computer, I cannot risk to have it frozen for hours). I can send you information about my operating system if you want to, just tell me what you need/want to see.
  7. Hi, I have been using the free version of Malwarebytes since a long time (many years) now, and I's always bean satisfied with it. A week ago, the program popped up in order to advertised about the new 4.0 version. I thought that it will be a good idea to give money to the editor and upgrading to 4.0 in the same time, so I bought a licence. Since then, I have been experimenting a lot of problems at boot time, like : - no more network connection : I've to close malwarebytes to solve this - very slow OS : I've to close malwarebytes to solve this - unresponsive OS, ended up with a nice little window saying that svchost.exe consumed all the buffer memory it was allowed to, and then user can experiments some difficulties (really ?!) : solved by rebooting with an installation disc, then repair, command line, recursively deleted all the content of Malwarebytes installation directory, rebooting, and then doing a complete clean with the support tool So now, I am not installing the 4.0.x version any more (already tried installing 3 times is enough) and I am going back to 3.x (I have an old installation file). Can you please guys test your software a little bit more before releasing it ??? Thank you very much
  8. Well, on my side I can confirm that cleaning and re-installing using the provided tool works perfectly. I did not have any problem since then. So the conclusion is : "Clean and Install, but do not upgrade"
  9. I did too (clean and fresh install with the tool). It could have helped because I upgraded to 4.x from 3.x. I will tell you how it goes tomorrow.
  10. Just for you to know that this is not a lonely case, I have exactly the same problem here At login, I am experiencing one or many of this issue at the same time (depending of ... luck) - Sometimes I am connected to a temporary desktop right after login - Computer is extremely slow due to Malwarebytes eating lot of resources - I cannot do a simple "ping" on the local network (which is why nothing works correctly in windows, even if it says that the network is well connected) Workaround found so far : I have disabled the real time protections
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