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  1. I followed your instructions but the program would not reinstall but still showed on my computer but unable to get it to work so I tried uninstalling and it would not allow me to do that yet it's no longer showing in my task bar. When I go to programs and features and try to uninstall it says it failed. So now what?
  2. I tried that several times it does not work so in desperation I tried to manually uninstall the program and it will not uninstall, it starts and then stops and won't progress, I think that is probably the same issue I am having when you send me directions and I follow them but the program does not reinstall it just reinstalls over the old program! How can I get this off my computer and start fresh?
  3. Is anyone else having the problem since the newest update? I turn on malwarebytes, it used to finish running in maybe 5 minutes or less. Now I turn it on at night and it is still running in the morning. I was sent a fix but it didn't work and collected data, I am hoping to hear soon how to fix this. I am running Win 10. I also have the program on my laptop with Win 7 and the program runs as expected
  4. Hi I downloaded the newest free version. I started it at 8 PM last night at 7AM this morning it was still running, I attempted to remove the program and run again I am still having the same issue, I have been using this program for years! Never an issue
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