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  1. ok malwarebytes finished the scan and found nothing. But I am thinking I still have an infection because no utilities reported finding anything.
  2. Should have also reported after running rkill, malwarebytes installed without saying a system reboot was required. It just installed and ran.
  3. I ran rkill. It didn't report finding anything, but after that I tried a standard installation again and malwarebytes installed this time and I'm current;y running a scan on my system
  4. I tried Malwarebytes Chameleon. It started installing Malwarebytes then said the system needed to be restarted, After rebooting nothing further happened.
  5. I've been using malwarebytes premium for some years. I had a problem a few days ago that the live protection of malwarebytes on windows 10 turned off and wouldn't turn on again. I removed malwarebytes and tried to reinstall. PC rebooted several times and eventually came up with an error that malwarebytes would not install. I then downloaded mbclean. Ran a clean and tried reinstall - same result. I've tried roguekiller that didn't detect anything. adwcleaner found a few things which it deleted but still not able to install malwarebytes. I downloaded
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