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  1. Well, out of frustration of not having Malwarebytes running on my computer and not hearing from the support staff, I decided to try downloading the free version from the website. Lo and behold, it downloaded and installed without a single problem. The software, also, recognized I had a premium account and now my "free' downloaded version is a premium version and appears to be running just fine. I have no explanation for my ability to now install Malwarebytes 4 when, before, it would hang during installation. I've made no changes to my computer that would account for this. In any case, I feel so much better having Malwarebytes 4 running on my computer.
  2. I disabled Webroot and attempted to install again. There was no change. I reran and downloaded a new zip file. Then, I ran the "Clean" option from the support tool to remove any remnants of the old Malwarebytes and try to install the latest release. Again, the "Installing" screen appears with no progress after 20 minutes. An FYI, my wife runs the same computer with all the same software as my computer, including Webroot. She received a Malwarebytes upgrade notice a few days after mine. She click on her notice and Malwarebytes 4 install instantly while Webroot was enabled. This is very perplexing. Thanks, mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I was running Malewarebytes 3.8.3 on 11/27 when I received a prompt to upgrade to release 4. I clicked on download and install and clicked on all the prompts. The "Installing" screen displayed and indicated no progress for over 2 hours. I reviewed Malewarebytes support sites and downloaded the repair tool. Again, when trying to install release 4, the "Installing" screen showed no progress for over 30 minutes. I executed the "Clean" process. uninstalling release 3.8.3 and attempting to install release 4 and experienced the same results as before. I accessed my premium account and downloaded release 3.0.6 and was able to successfully that release. I don't like running old releases, so attempted again to upgrade to release 4 again. No luck. I gather and downloaded the zip file and am asking for help to get this problem fixed. PLEASE!!! Thank you. mbst-grab-results.zip
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