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  1. The interface lags on every page, the install went laggy as well as using the UI itself and probably still is. The old interface (3.0) did not do this.
  2. I did it, however because my X550 ethernet card takes a while to connect to Internet, the re-install couldn't catch up and failed. I then went on and installed MB manually. The advanced settings that I'm told not to touch are all back to normal, though the interface is still laggy.
  3. I've taken logs, have seen people post it to the forum but I'm sure I could carry them to the support as a ticket?
  4. Turns out I do seem to have the release version as I remember it updating some time ago, but the interface on a lot of pages is still lagging. The software looks to work properly however, since it does block malware sites such as a real estate site I've tried to recently visit.
  5. Hello, just joined to say some things. I know this is probably mentioned before, but the beta interface functions too slowly, and as other people have mentioned in the beta thread, the IU is also ugly IMHO. I don't want to revert back to release version, and have been waiting for quite some time for the interface to speed up. So I'd love to hear some feedback on as to whether it's slow because of the beta build, or something else. I have a pretty strong machine with a 7900X CPU, whatnot, so I don't think my PC is the reason although I have toyed with the advanced security settings... thanks.
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