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  1. Yes, I have done that. I'm at version after the latest update. I don't know what happened to cause my original post but looks like it worked itself out. Thanks!
  2. Sorry about the late reply. I don't seem to have an issue right now. It was just weird/different the way I was notified about the update. I just checked my install of malwarebytes and it seems fine. I will update if I need to but like I said it seems fine. Kirk
  3. I don't think anything is actually wrong but since this is new I wanted to check. Usually Malwarebytes will notify user that there is an update available and you can either do it then or ignore and do later. Today I was on PC and I just got a notification that I needed to restart PC (WIN10) to complete an upgrade of Mbytes but I was never shown that one was even available. When I was done with what I was doing I restarted and had a pop up on the screen after restart that said "an error occurred malware cannot be installed" or something similar. I checked and Mbytes was running f
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