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  1. Yes, I have done that. I'm at version after the latest update. I don't know what happened to cause my original post but looks like it worked itself out. Thanks!
  2. Sorry about the late reply. I don't seem to have an issue right now. It was just weird/different the way I was notified about the update. I just checked my install of malwarebytes and it seems fine. I will update if I need to but like I said it seems fine. Kirk
  3. I don't think anything is actually wrong but since this is new I wanted to check. Usually Malwarebytes will notify user that there is an update available and you can either do it then or ignore and do later. Today I was on PC and I just got a notification that I needed to restart PC (WIN10) to complete an upgrade of Mbytes but I was never shown that one was even available. When I was done with what I was doing I restarted and had a pop up on the screen after restart that said "an error occurred malware cannot be installed" or something similar. I checked and Mbytes was running fine, says everything is ok but it has definitely been updated as the interface is different. Since it seems fine I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Version of Mbytes now shows as Premium 4.0.4 I'm not running any other AV. It just seemed kind of strange. Thanks!
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