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  1. Just stopped by to say thanks. I enabled normal full updates (rather than Beta) after seeing the messages from this forum a couple days ago. Woke up today to the pop-up notification that a new version was available. It quickly installed, I checked Firefox and Thunderbird opening and closing a few times with no problems, then enabled the Ransomware module and did the checks on Firefox and Thunderbird again with no problems. Like jbraner said above, you took ownership of the problem and fixed it. I'll remember that. Jim
  2. Have been running MB 3.8.3 with Ransomware Module turned off since December 4, 2019 along with Kaspersky 20 latest. This combination works fine. Cleared Beta releases for MB and installed this morning after reading messages posted here. As reported by JBRANER above, Firefox won't open, did not try Thunderbird. Reinstalled MB 3.8.3 and all is well.
  3. Reporting back in, still monitoring these threads related to MB 4.0 and Kaspersky 2020 incompatibility and appreciate the efforts of those using this forum to try to work around the issues and also to share their specific efforts. Especially would like to commend Maurcie and Porthos for the information that they provide. I reverted to MB 3.8.3. on December 4, 2019 while still running the latest Kaspersky 2020 version with updates - now on Rev G. I did disable the Ransomware module on MB (which I had done prior to this latest conflict anyway) and disabled automatic updates to Malwarebytes. This "fix" option has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum and has worked fine for me. Absolutely NO issues in over 7 weeks of use with MB 3.8.3, Kaspersky 2020, Firefox and other browsers, Thunderbird, etc. I have a three-year Kaspersky license with almost all of the time remaining so not going to give it up. I have a lifetime license for Malwarebytes (I'm an old-timer I guess!) so ditto on MB. I'm not assessing any "blame" since Kaspersky 2020 works fine as long as the upgrade from MB 3.8.3. to 4.0 isn't applied and MB 4.0 works fine as long as Kaspersky upgrade from 2019 to 2020 isn't applied. Sure am anxious for a real solution though so I can get the latest updates for both of these fine programs and turn MB Ransomware protection back on. Thanks again................Jim
  4. Just reporting in that I'm still monitoring the threads on the KIS/MB incompatibility issues. Holidays and scheduled surgery for Monday are limiting my time as far as being able to temporarily impare my computer to do testing though. I'm running Windows 10 version 1909, Kaspersky Internet Security (g) and Malwarebytes 3.8.3 (with Ransomware protection turned off). Here's my log entry from when I went back to this configuration from MB 4.0 based on suggestions found on this forum. I have had NO problems with any programs (including Firefox and Thunderbird) for over three weeks since reverting to MB 3.8.3. Have only general exclusions and trusted app designations in KIS for the MB and Firefox EXE files and overall folders. Originally had more exclusions/trust settings, but they were lost when I did a couple System Restores after completely uninstalling MB and KIS and reinstalling them in attempts to fix what turned out to be this compatibility problem. December 4, 2019 Downloaded and reverted to Malwarebytes Version 3.8.3. Disabled automatic MB application updates on both computers. Seems to be working fine now with Ransomware module still OFF. Scans complete successfully on both computers and three of the four real-time protection modules are running. UPDATE as of December 26, 2019 – still working just fine. Seems to be a good temporary fix. Will continue to monitor, including adding this thread as well as the others. Thanks for all of the efforts, especially from Maurice and those doing testing on their systems. May be able to help in late January by installing Malwarebytes 4.0 again, typing in the exclusions/trusted apps settings on both KIS and MB, and testing various programs. Happy New Year....................Jim
  5. That's very good news if it indicates that the problem is fixed. Will look forward to having the time to try it out again with MB 4.0 and KIS 2020 (g) Thanks!
  6. As I said earlier, I'm a little short of time to experiment (having surgery later this month and trying to get several things done) so not inclined to go back to MB 4.0 until I have more time since 3.8.3 and KIS are working fine together (with Ransomware off). If the problem would still be there I'd be without at least Firefox and Thunderbird until I found enough time to uninstall 4.0 and revert to 3.8.3. I think I'd be faster at it having done that a few times though! I appreciate the suggestions and will certainly try them later. Have excluded Malwarebytes in KIS for several months, but not specified the individual files that Maurice mentioned as trusted applications, just mbam.exe. Thanks....................Jim
  7. Thanks, that's good to hear. Didn't have any idea what the corporate or developer relationships were like between the two companies. Lots of us out here in user-land obviously like to run both programs.
  8. Yeah, would be nice if I'm wrong about that or that things change in the near future, but in the meantime I'm encouraged by the communications and information available from Malwarebytes here on this forum from people like yourself and other users who are willing to take the time to share their experiences. ............Jim
  9. Disabling Ransomware while using MB 3.8.3 works nicely. I was running MB 4.0 at the time the KIS20 "evil" patch was released. Disabling Ransomware in MB 4.0 does NOT eliminate the issues. I had already done that before MB upgraded to 4.0 in order to get it to work. Unfortunately, like DrMopp and probably many others, I did not know all of that when the new problems first occured. In fact, I didn't even know it was a MB/KIS incompatibility problem initially. Looked like a Firefox, Thunderbird, etc problem to me since multiple instances (one of which would never close) appeared on the Task Manager. Although I had disabled Ransomware a month or so before these recent issues came up (and had MB/KIS working nicely together until the new KIS patch combined with MB 4.0), I wasn't smart enough to immediately find the temporary fix. The information from you and this forum enabled me to do that.
  10. I appear to have KIS patch 'g', but have not tried MB 4.0 with it yet. Like DrMopp, I also spent a lot of time when first trying to solve the problem and don't have the courage (or time) right now to open up those problems again until I'm pretty sure that either KIS or MB has resolved the incompatibility issue. I didn't get to the point of reinstalling Windows 10, but thought I was going to have to do that after failing on a couple of system restore attempts. Good backups and having Firefox sync engaged saved me wasting even more time since I uninstalled/installed it several times too - LOTS of system reboots, MB uninstalls and reinstalls, etc.
  11. That's exactly what I'm seeing too, DrMopp. Running KIS20 (, but had to drop back to MB 3.8.3 and turn off the Ransomware real-time protection module in order to avoid the crippling problems running key programs. This configuration is running VERY well for me though, both KIS and MB are running smoothly, doing their automatic scan vector updates, finding problems occasionally and displaying their actions (normal and warnings) properly in the tray area. I also appreciated the tips provided elsewhere on this forum as to disabling automatic version updates and the annoying pop-up box advising that a new update is available.
  12. I'll update if things change, but as of this afternoon I've downloaded and installed Malwarebytes version 3.8.3. This after cleaning the original MB 4.0 version with the MB Support Tool. Disabled the Ransomware module (and the notification in the tray indicating that it is off). Also disabled automatic download and updating of MB of course. All is working well with Kaspersky Internet Security also running. I have the paid versions of KIS and MB (lifetime license). Basically back to where I was prior to upgrading to MB I can live with this. I'll continue to monitor both MB and KIS forums for a long-term solution and hope for the best. Thanks for all of the information. .................Jim
  13. Thanks again. I had not seen your post about the Kaspersky "e" patch when I replied above with the additional log information, but I did notice the Ransomware issue with the older version of Malwarebytes (not sure about what version of KIS at the time, of course). Anyway, it's all making more sense to me after your explanation. I'll look forward to a revision in the future from either MB or KIS (or both, perhaps!). I really feel good about my protection level running both of these programs or I wouldn't be so persistent.
  14. Pardon my abruptness, Exile360. I really appreciate your prompt response and the effort that your developers are already exerting. It could very well be another conflict with Kaspersky Internet Security. I'll provide a little more log text in case it might be useful. First saw the Ransomware-related issue in late October: October 25-26, 2019 Serious problems with Firefox, Thunderbird, Pale Moon and Everything (search of computer). Spent hours working on the Firefox/Thunderbird issues which relate to not being able to close them and then reopen them without a reboot. Problems at times are worse than that though. ALL FOUR OF THOSE PROGRAMS RUN PERFECTLY IN WINDOWS SAFE MODE!!!! Ended up isolating the problem to the Ransomware module by whitelisting WIN500 (a police band scanner control program) so that Ransomware module ignores it. Then shut off the entire Ransomware module after which the other major program ran just fine..
  15. Certainly is a problem with the Ransomware module, but you'd better dig a little deeper. I had very severe problems with Firefox, Thunderbird, CCleaner and other programs which I resolved by shutting off the Ransomware module on November 7th and it's still off. (I keep a detailed log, engineer thing I guess). Some text from my log is pasted below. The recent problem with is different for sure. Jim Nov 7, 2019: TURNED OFF RANSOMWARE REAL-TIME PROTECTION on Malwarebytes. Was the root of a lot of problems with various programs (Firefox, Thunderbird, Win500, and CCleaner for sure). Also turned off notifications in the tray for real-time protection layers being off. Most programs would start, but only once. For example, Firefox visible browser would close, but task manager would still show non-visible versions running in the background. As long as the non-visible instances were active, I couldn't reopen Firefox again. Similar for other programs. By the way Chrome browser did not exhibit this problem with Ransomware module turned on.
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