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  1. Yes...thank you. Everything has been corrected by Malwarebytes... and I have a much better understanding ... 🤗
  2. Thanks but I cannot get a credit... I have tried and tried... but finally after going on Facebook someone has just been in touch... with luck this situation will be solved... thank you
  3. It also states if I purchased this product in a bundle I can contact this company to have it adjusted if for an IOS ...HELLO !!! I have been trying but this is so ridiculous going in circles... how do I do this.??!! I am growing tired of this... please send me a way to CONTACT a person so I can either fix the problem or credit me back !!!!
  4. Is there a number for me to call to speak with someone to resolve this issue instead of going in circles.... or perhaps it will take me to the sixty days where I will not be able to get my money back...
  5. That is lovely but there was no mention of that...the free version worked so obviously I ASSUMEd so would the purchased version.... we could keep them simple and reimburse me and I will be on my way.... any ideas since there are no humans at the company who can talk to me....
  6. Hi i didn’t purchase through Apple...there is nothing showing on my apple account...the payment went directly on my charge card. Why did it not refuse my request to cover five devices ! I am beyond frustrated right now. Is there no one in this company who I can speak to directly. when I went to the suggested site there is no away to access my account for malware as shown in the diagram... it just says I have free and have to pay to upgrade to premium.... this company is not user friendly and I am so disappointed. I will let Apple know of all the problems I have been having as it
  7. I am not happy with this product. i am unable to contact the company support and i paid full amount for five devices. Now i find i have to pay more money to have premium on my iOS devices. why was my money accepted for a service i don't get and now have to pay extra. i am frustrated with the inability to speak with someone. i now wish my money back and cancel.
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