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  1. Hi, Happened again. Please check out. Trojan - www.alpinesoft.co.uk.txt
  2. Thanks, sorry for delay. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi, Now I've paid for MWB is where the problems start I'm imaging ;-( I've used a stable vinyl recording program for years and today got an update notice. MWB blocked it. I added the app name under the MWB 'manage applications' section but it went ahead again and told me it was malware and quarantined it. Now is it carrying malware or not? I notice the first in the list under 'manage' of suggested/greyed out applications was music player. Are these usually suspicious? JRiver updates almost monthly; am I likely to regret this purchase? I'm able to use the vinyl software in its present state and that has been scanned by MWB hundreds of times over years so its not a great issue but I would like to resolve this quickly so I understand what I've got into. Thanks for looking.
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