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  1. Thanks, Spinoxin! But for some reason, that route you suggested does not bring up on my computer the page you have shown here. If I use search, a default apps page appears. i am sure the page you have screenshotted is there somewhere. I will look again as soon as I find the time ( I m currently working double shifts). Can you just finish your suggestion?I will go back and look at it. Now I am waiting for Porthos to come up with a solution. Malwarebytes has been recommended to me by a few people. Let's see if it can be installed.
  2. Yes, I have sent these details ( Version 1903, Edition 10, OS 18362 476) to Porthos, who is the Malwarebytes tech guy, as also the Systems page that he wanted, thanks! Trouble is, I know nothing about computers but am wholly dependant on them for my work in research and I don't have no minutes to spare to get to know my own PC! I need (non-savvy) user-friendly interfaces but I guess companies have their own interests to take care of first!!
  3. Long and short of it, I want to install Malwarebytes and I am not able to do so. Anything is possible or impossible as far as computers go.
  4. Also, I am stuck at Step 2 because there is no 'Switch to Windows 10 Home' or anything similar that I can click on that will take me to the 'Go To The Store' link. though the 'Go To The Store' link' under 'Upgrade your edition of Windows' is very much there!
  5. Oh...okay, thanks!!👍 This is a personal PC, so I can try to switch out of S Mode. But will I be able to continue using Store apps like Skype once I am out of it??
  6. I want to install Malwarebytes to run along Windows10 on my computer. But after downloading it, when I try to install, Microsoft Store comes on the screen and informs me that Malwarebytes is not an approved product from the Microsoft Store and prevents me from installing the Malwarebytes app.
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