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  1. Running the support tool fixed everything + installed. Thanks Nathan. Thanks, Kuba
  2. The tool doesn't detect any sort of Kaspersky product, i used this product when i was removing Kaspersky as my licence for it finished in October and i've been running Malwarebytes + Windows Defender combo. There's no Kaspersky files on my PC.
  3. I haven't been using any anti-virus since October, just the Windows Defender. I've just looked into my task manager and no Kaspersky processes are available, before i did have both and they ran well, but atm nothing except for Windows Defender. Thanks
  4. Hi! So i've been using Malwarebytes for years, i've decided to buy Premium around October and i've been using it everyday and whatnot (love the product). Today, i turned off the 4 protections because a file i wanted to run wouldn't go because malwarebytes was blocking it, i disabled them one by one. After i wanted to turn it on again, only 3 of the 4 protections turned on, the only one that didn't was "malware protection". I decided to re-install and now i'm here (because even the scan wouldn't work anymore?!), without malwarebytes. When i try to install it, it restarts once, then a second time and then my pc loads, and a box comes with "an error has occurred and malwarebytes will not install" Any idea why? Thanks, Kuba.
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