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  1. Hi exile360, Thanks for the quick reply. I turned it off and on again and, lo and behold, the option is available again. Thanks you!
  2. I tried to scan a file using the Explorer context menu but noticed that the item has gone missing. How do I reinstate this option?
  3. Thanks Porthos. Followed your directions and all seems well now.
  4. Using MB Premium Since a few days, the MB tray icon doesn't show when I start up my computer. At first I just opened mbam.exe and then the icon would show but that doesn't work anymore either. I browsed the forum and followed the advise to open Task Manager/Details. The process was not included so I opened mbtray.exe and the icon showed. However, in Task Manager I noticed a few strange settings for the MB components: they were either disabled or not allowed (see screenshot). That doesn't look right. I also added the mbst-grab-results. mbst-grab-
  5. Porthos, are you saying this is a know issue and has been addressed in the beta version?
  6. For the second time, all 4 protection modes in Malwarebytes 4 were suddenly disabled. My system was frozen for a minute or so. I did full scans (MB and Defender). I used the Support Tool to collect the logs and also attached a screenshot of an error logged by Windows. I hope the data will reveal the cause..... mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. I am happy to inform that version has resolved the issue that was subject of this thread. Thanks go to the developers and the forum team.
  8. Thank you all for the further explanations. Again, I appreciate all the help you offered and apologize again if any of you felt pressured by my posts. I misunderstood whom I was communicating with and felt not heard at certain moments. Luckily, in the end a staff member stepped in and clarified the situation.
  9. @AdvancedSetup Thank you for that acknowledgment, AdvancedSetup, and good to know that you guys are working on a solution. Until then, I'm happy to use version 3. I didn't know that the moderators are volunteers and not Malwarebytes employees. It would have helped me to know this from the beginning. I appreciate their help and support, and apologize if I made them feel pressured, believing they were employees.
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