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  1. Porthos, are you saying this is a know issue and has been addressed in the beta version?
  2. For the second time, all 4 protection modes in Malwarebytes 4 were suddenly disabled. My system was frozen for a minute or so. I did full scans (MB and Defender). I used the Support Tool to collect the logs and also attached a screenshot of an error logged by Windows. I hope the data will reveal the cause..... mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I am happy to inform that version has resolved the issue that was subject of this thread. Thanks go to the developers and the forum team.
  4. Thank you all for the further explanations. Again, I appreciate all the help you offered and apologize again if any of you felt pressured by my posts. I misunderstood whom I was communicating with and felt not heard at certain moments. Luckily, in the end a staff member stepped in and clarified the situation.
  5. @AdvancedSetup Thank you for that acknowledgment, AdvancedSetup, and good to know that you guys are working on a solution. Until then, I'm happy to use version 3. I didn't know that the moderators are volunteers and not Malwarebytes employees. It would have helped me to know this from the beginning. I appreciate their help and support, and apologize if I made them feel pressured, believing they were employees.
  6. Thank you for the detailed instructions and what a relief it is to have working malware protection again!!!!! However, I feel slighted by your above remark. I followed all directions I received, except for removing Avira "to get ver 4 working" because it was clearly not the cause as other users had the same issue after updating to version 4 while using different antivirus software. Take a look here: Followed by staff acknowledgment and the forthcoming solution: I believe that you and your fellow moderators tried to be helpful but I must confess that I would have appreciated a bit more candor, respect and empathy from you guys. Did you really believe that Avira caused the problem?
  7. Maurice, I do appreciate your and your fellow moderators' efforts to help solve the issue but it feels like the world is upside down when you tell me to modify my system setup while it's MB's new version 4 that is causing the problems. However, I tried the following: I did a fresh install again ( and disabled Avira. Initially -- as was the case every time after a fresh install -- everything worked fine, including updating and scanning. But after some time -- just like all the times before -- scanning/updating (it's not clear which one was first) got hung. With regards to Norton, it's only a passive scan utility that I use for extra security; it only runs once a day. It doesn't interfere with MB. There are no other 3rd-party security apps on my system. Again, my current security setup has been in place and working beautifully for many years. The problems only started with MB version 4. Further, I don't understand you when you say: "You wrote that you have a Support Ticket. Thus one really hesitates to get involved." I first addressed the issue by posting here in the forum. It was Porthos who requested input from the developers (@AdvancedSetupor @LiquidTension), a few days later followed by exile360's request (@LiquidTension), but so far there's been no reaction from them. At some point, it was recommended that I lodge a ticket and refer to this thread. I did and I have continued to post here to keep you guys and the devs informed about the issue. So, I don't understand the hesitation. Finally, it has been acknowledged that other users have similar problems with version 4. Understandable for a new version but I wish I had waited a while before updating. But i did and for nearly three weeks I have been having nothing but issues with my system due to MB's new version malfunctioning. Moreover, I have no real-time protection all this time. So, I hope you understand that it's not very encouraging when I hear the problem is being transferred to my system setup instead of being looked for in Malwarebytes' own app.
  8. I did a fresh install today to check out the new version, 1.0.16318. Initially things went well but then the scanner got stuck again. Fortunately, I could cancel it but Updates turned out be stuck as well and the system had become unresponsive again. As a new, very worrying development: MB Real-Time Protection somehow caused Avira Antivirus Real-Time Protection to become disabled and I was not able to start it up again. So, I disabled MB Protection again. This allowed Avira to be enabled again and the system to become responsive again. This thread is in connected to support ticket 2786918. To give you some more system data, I attached a new log file and also uploaded it through the Support Tool. Please guys, talk to me! What's going on?!? mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Thanks for the update, Porthos. With all the reports and log files, don't the devs have already enough data to pinpoint the problem in Malwarebytes? I hope you can understand that I first wait for some news and/or request for further information from the developers. More than two weeks ago, you called in their (@AdvancedSetup or @LiquidTension) help but I still haven't heard back from them.
  10. A day and a half later. The scanner is still hung trying to complete the update cycle. As you can see, this has been going on for more that 31 hours. I will turn down the PC for the night and when I boot it up tomorrow morning, the timer will just continue (as it did this morning). Hope you guys come up with a solution soon because my system is (partly) unprotected......
  11. Aha, that explains it. About removing Avira, I'm sorry but I'll wait for the devs to jump in and see what they come up with before starting to experiment with my system. I'm sure one of the scenarios for all this is a possible conflict between MB and Avira but other issues are possible as well. I noticed that others are having similar issues and I doubt that all of them are using Avira.
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