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  1. Thanks for the quick feedback and fix!
  2. I suspect that MB gave a false positive after today's scan: sonyinstall_x64.dll. This file is part of Sony's Catalyst Browser of which the current version has been installed since November 2020.Scan Log.zip
  3. Porthos, your explanation of a throttle causing this doesn't make too much sense because I was on version 4.1.0 and now I'm on 4.3.3. So, quite a few updates in between. Thanks anyway for giving this information.
  4. Got it sorted. I realized that a fresh installation of MB means that it doesn't have a record of any scans having been run. So, I let it do a quick scan and now the alert is gone.
  5. Thanks Porthos. I followed your directions. Of course I'll have to wait till there's an update to see if notifications work but now I have another issue: the alert icon is on and stays on.
  6. Hi, Today I realized that I hadn't received any update notifications for quite a while, so I opened MB. Notifications are set, also in OS (Windows 10), and last update took place today. As you can see, quite a few updates were missed, so I updated manually. Any known reason that I didn't receive any update notifications?
  7. Hi exile360, Thanks for the quick reply. I turned it off and on again and, lo and behold, the option is available again. Thanks you!
  8. I tried to scan a file using the Explorer context menu but noticed that the item has gone missing. How do I reinstate this option?
  9. Thanks Porthos. Followed your directions and all seems well now.
  10. Using MB Premium Since a few days, the MB tray icon doesn't show when I start up my computer. At first I just opened mbam.exe and then the icon would show but that doesn't work anymore either. I browsed the forum and followed the advise to open Task Manager/Details. The process was not included so I opened mbtray.exe and the icon showed. However, in Task Manager I noticed a few strange settings for the MB components: they were either disabled or not allowed (see screenshot). That doesn't look right. I also added the mbst-grab-results. mbst-grab-results.zip
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