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  1. Thanks for the update, Porthos. With all the reports and log files, don't the devs have already enough data to pinpoint the problem in Malwarebytes? I hope you can understand that I first wait for some news and/or request for further information from the developers. More than two weeks ago, you called in their (@AdvancedSetup or @LiquidTension) help but I still haven't heard back from them.
  2. A day and a half later. The scanner is still hung trying to complete the update cycle. As you can see, this has been going on for more that 31 hours. I will turn down the PC for the night and when I boot it up tomorrow morning, the timer will just continue (as it did this morning). Hope you guys come up with a solution soon because my system is (partly) unprotected......
  3. Aha, that explains it. About removing Avira, I'm sorry but I'll wait for the devs to jump in and see what they come up with before starting to experiment with my system. I'm sure one of the scenarios for all this is a possible conflict between MB and Avira but other issues are possible as well. I noticed that others are having similar issues and I doubt that all of them are using Avira.
  4. A further update: After starting up the PC this morning, the program auto-updated but the 'Update package version' shows a lower number (see screen grab) than after the fresh install (Repair) I did last night. About an hour later the system became unresponsive again. Updates seem to be hung again: 'Unable to check now, because an update check is already in progress. I disabled Real-Time Protection and the system functions normally again.
  5. I checked and updated the exceptions in Avira (see screenshot). Afterwards a system scan got stuck again (after some 180,000 files) but fortunately I was able to cancel it without MB freezing up. Just now I checked for updates and there was one available but now it seems to be hung on installing it without any possibility to cancel it. I'll try a fresh install again.
  6. I don't run Avast but Avira. I'm pretty sure this is an MB issue because everything else on my system works flawlessly and the problems started with the update to version 4. I remember such a situation in the past when lots of users had problems with a major MB update. Fortunately, I held off and waited for the devs to come up with a solution before updating. This time I was too eager. 😉
  7. Part of the problem is that MB gets hung on updates. Anyway, I did a repair and will let the app do any updates if and when they are available.
  8. Please check my previous post, I got the message that there were no updates. No updates were/are being installed.
  9. I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled MB with the clean/support tool. With 'Beta updates' enabled, 'Check for updates' gave the message that there were no updates. A few minutes later I got the message 'Unable to check now, because an update check is already in progress.' And a while later I got the same message and then the control panel froze. In addition, Web Protection is disabled and cannot be enabled. So, it went from bad to worse......
  10. Okay, I tried but Update doesn't work because the scan is hung. I would have to uninstall MB again. Question: how would I go back from the beta to the current version.
  11. I understood from another thread that this beta could not update from the current version 4.
  12. I know what you mean. Did you right-click the tray icon and select 'Open Malwarebytes'? On my system I had to wait a long time before it opened.
  13. Have you tried disabling Real-Time Protection/Malware Protection? This allows programs to start again -- at least on my system.
  14. I held off for another week to see if an eventual update might solve the issue but alas. I lodged a support ticket today and attached a set of log files. Hopefully the devs will locate the problem and come up with a solution. Thanks for your help so far.
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