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  1. A few days ago, Malwarebytes (Windows - up to date) blocked access to a bank's web site. Today, it 's blocking a pensions' company website. I would greatly appreciate knowing if there really is a problem. I received an email from the pension companycompany with an embedded link. Clicking on the link produced:
  2. Thanks for moving the post; the option was 'greyed out' when I opened the post. I attached a PDF of a couple of screen shots to that post. I will attached it to this post. CitiBank01.pdf Hope it makes sense.
  3. Sorry - I wasn't clear. It was the process of signing on which produced the block.
  4. Thanks for fast response. Unfortunately, the dot.com site does not service UK customers! There is a separate site for us - citibank.co.uk
  5. Forum would not allow new topic under the "False Positive" section. Browser Guard is reporting the Citi Bank web site 'online.citi.com' as a phishing site. A phone call to the bank (0800 005500) has confirmed that they are not aware of any issues. Would appreciate your comment. CitiBank01.pdf
  6. I bought Malwarebytes several years ago. At some point I deleted the email address which I had used to sign up. How do I transfer my account to a new email address (when I can't access the old one)?
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