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  1. Thanks for the reply. But if I had saved my work and closed all my applications before starting, I would have wasted my time in 4 of the 5 cases. And the one system that did need the reboot had fewer applications running than the other four, and was not running any unique application. I had figured it was the least likely to need a reboot, in fact. In the past, I've also been notified of a new version on one or two systems but not the others, even though they were all running the same version. It's just unpredictable. So I've just turned off "Notify me when a new version becomes
  2. I'm with Mike on this one. A forced reboot is completely unacceptable, and I'm at a loss to understand how Malwarebytes could have thought otherwise. I'd also like more guidance on whether a reboot will be required. I've just upgraded my 5 systems. Four did not require a reboot. The fifth one did, and I have no idea why that one was different. I like your software, but the upgrade process leaves a very sour taste.
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