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  1. Hi @mbam_mtbr, thank you for this and for your understanding. Best regards, Ruslan
  2. Hi Nathan, thank you for your explanation. I am totally understand your point of view. The monitoring software you describe can also not coming into Play Store. We wanted to provide a solution which is on basis of mutual trust. This is why we have had to contact Google Play Developer Support and clarified how the app have to be designed. One of the points was that the software should not provide any data without notifying the device owner that the certain data was requested, like "Papa have just checked your location". Many of our customers are couples who share their data with each
  3. Hello everybody, I am a developer and owner of AllTracker Family Android application. Sadly Malwarebytes on Android detects my application as malware. This is not true, because: - the application is designed to share the information with the family by mutual agreement - this application cannot be hidden and does nothing in background without notifying device owner - every request of any data via the application shows a notification on the device - the access to the device can be configured and restricted at any time Device owner has to provide a consent and agree
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