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  1. I've got some hosts you might want to consider whitelisting. More details on these you can find here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/notracking/hosts-blocklists-scripts/master/hostnames.whitelist.txt From the ad server list indystar.com scribol.com om.cbsi.com assets.adobedtm.com api.hostip.info cdn.cpnscdn.com etl.tindersparks.com hello.myfonts.net ec-ns.sascdn.com s.click.aliexpress.com analytics.google.com a.kickass.to my.plexapp.com jwpltx.com liveinternet.ru www.liveinternet.ru placeholdit.imgix.net placehold.it bestfwdservice.com www.bestfwdservice.com static.mailchimp.com www.mailchimp.com s0.2mdn.net weeklyad.target.com gh.ffshrine.org zombo.com www.zombo.com html5zombo.com www.html5zombo.com om.cbsi.com www.clck.ru cpm.wargaming.net images.performgroup.com And from fake list www.fashionista.com fashionista.com www.ask.com ask.com beenverified.com www.beenverified.com tucows.com unlocker.emptyloop.com emptyloop.com www.emptyloop.com sevenforums.com www.sevenforums.com jdownloader.org www.jdownloader.org eightforums.com thedailybeast.com www.thedailybeast.com experts-exchange.com www.experts-exchange.com euronews.com www.euronews.com www.evite.com www.eightforums.com Take care!
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