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  1. Hi, I cannot use that topic because I do not own Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education which are required to download the Group Policy Management console. I own Windows 10 Home.
  2. No luck, turned off sync, reset all cookies and cache, uninstalled and reinstalled and used Malwarebytes to get rid of malware twice and it keeps coming back after reboot. I've attached a log from a the most recent Malwarebytes scan. log.txt
  3. Same results. The internet settings also reset back to the wpad address and had to change it again. SystemLook.txt
  4. Sorry forgot to attach the fixlog here it is. Fixlog.txt
  5. I ran the fixlist and rebooted and still getting the Avast popups 😕 As to the internet explorer settings. There is no Apply button in the LAN Settings window. There is on once you close it but that can't be pressed, I have also double checked and the settings look the same as I left them with no proxy address.
  6. I have checked the Internet Explorer settings and yes somehow the previous settings have returned. I unticked "Use atuomatic configuration script" once again. Virus Total also didn't detect anything after scanning Razer Central.exe. SystemLook.txt
  7. I have done this already when you asked me to remove the reference to
  8. Here is the number of notifications after about an hour of just me being on Chrome not doing anything.
  9. Here are just 2. The 'process' section on the bottom usually is programs that are currently running such as chrome and razer (as seen on the screenshots) and others like Nvidia. Chrome isn't giving me any notifications it's Avast that keeps detecting whatever this is. I can disable the notifications without a problem but it still looks concerning. When I open Avast after like 30 minutes I see around 21 notifications of it blocking the same thing.
  10. Update : Still getting multiple pop-ups at a time as I did before. Computer still running fine but the pop-ups didn't change still.
  11. Hi, I have followed the instructions and rebooted my PC. My computer seems to be running fine but Avast is still giving be notifications about detecting "JS:Proxy-B (Trj)". However, if I'm not wrong it seems like I am getting significantly less Avast Pop-Ups than I used to. I used to get around 5 at a time but now I'm getting only one every once in a while.
  12. Still getting the alerts from Avast. No change. Fixlog.txt
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