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  1. Thanks for your reply. To answer your questions; it was a windows desktop application. Not an app from the apple store. And the backup was not to the cloud but on my pc. Hope that clarifys your questions.
  2. When I was searching for an alternative to iTunes to be able to better manage my data on my iPhone I used one of the recommended programs that come up when you Google for these programs. (I don;t want to mention the name to avoid falsely accuse a company). I installed a trial version and when I was backing up my iPhone with it, i read some more about the company. On their site they tried very hard to convince people that they were very very very safe to use. Which, in fact, made me more worried then before. You could also be trying too hard to convince people. I uninstalled the program. Scanned my PC with malwarebyates and it was all ok. But my questions are: - could my data been send to the servers of this program. I got no mentions of the firewall or malwarebytes while using the program? - could the program have "infected" my phone or installed malware of any kind during the back-up progress? My iPhone is not jailbroken. - is it recommended to not use these programs in general? And just stick with iTunes? Or are programs like these safe to use? I am looking to use iMazing just because they are located in Switzerland and I trust that a little more. (forgive me my bias).
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