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  1. Thanks exile360; the option of just doing a scan at another time (when the computer is already on) just means that the new 20-30 minute scan-period would also be pretty much useless for doing anything else. It'd be great if Development would consider adding this as an option. Thank you for forwarding this to them. :-)
  2. Is there a way or an option to shut down the PC if the scan finds no problems? I would like to run a scan every night before I go to bed. I currently have a scan scheduled for 3 am, but I don't like leaving my computer on 24x7. If I don't leave it on all night, it takes 20-30 minutes to run a threat scan when I boot it up in the morning, which is a pain. If there IS no way to do this currently, I would like to suggest that such an option be added in some future release. Thanks!
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