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  1. Thank you Exile, the issue was resolved, i disabled Avast! and was able to install and run MwB and Adwcleaner. The result was 12 PuP's. I reverted back to WindowsFirewall as a default and reverted UAC from always notify back to default as well. the screen flicker is gone along with the delayed typing . I'm defiantly going to switch to MwB Premium in January when my avast runs out I placed this same question on the avast forums and got no response or solution after 3 days so im thankful for the speedy reply
  2. I recently did a clean install of win7(64)Ult. recently and tried installing MwB only to get and error on install, i tried reinstalling it on a separate computer successfully but not this current one. I believe it came about when i had someone install a "game booster" before i finished updating drivers. I deleted the program but i think the damage was done. Avast! Pro and Spybot S/D say im fine but the error with malware-bytes has me a little worried. im currently in Safemode with Networking and have run the support tool with the mbst grab below mbst-grab-results.zip
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