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  1. Do you create the malware lists based on input from Virustotal? I have noticed that Virustotal lists several executables as malware: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/domain/realtimelogic.com/relations All software is developed exclusively by Real Time Logic. The downloads all have one component in common, they are self extracting archives created by WinRAR. I can only assume that the malware fingerprint method is unable to work with zip files, thus some anti malware companies just decide to flag WinRAR instead.
  2. Ref: Can you let me know the date you will be rolling out the next update. For our records, I also need to know the date you started blocking realtimelogic.com
  3. Why are you blocking the following web sites, which are owned and operated exclusively by Real Time Logic LLC: realtimelogic.com fuguhub.com minnow.ml
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