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  1. Hello mean while I downloaded the tool and use it. and opened by the end of the process a formal ticket so the logs are there already. After that I tried to install the new version on another computer which runs Windows 10 64Bit Build 1903 (without the November release) on it I already have version 3.8.3 installed. I did not removed the old version. But try to install on it the version 4. But it failed with the same Error during installation. the ticket number is: 2762980
  2. I installed the latest windows 10 64Bit Build 1909 (November update) On a fresh install. After completion I tried to install Malwarebytes version 4. the installation failed with an error. I go back to version 3.8.3 this one complete but fail to start with an error missing entry point in a Microsoft DLL. and application aborted.
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