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  1. 5 hours ago, alvarnell said:

    I'm not quite sure why you posted to this topic as the Scan results you posted are not related to Silver Sparrow.

    In any case, it does appear that MalwareBytes has located the active process files associated with two infection types, so as long as you next hit the "Quarantine" button to remove those files to Quarantine, nothing else should be required.

    Thank you, I do believe it is the same silver sparrow malware.. I accidentally download/installed the "Flash Player" which I thought was necessary to install because I was trying to install another program

    After that malware bytes showed this malware

  2. On 2/23/2021 at 1:15 AM, alvarnell said:

    The purpose of this forum is so users can submit suspected malware files for analysis by Malware Hunters and the Malwarebytes Lab staff.

    There is a lengthy discussion of Silver Sparrow in the Mac Malware Removal & Support forum at 


    When Malware bytes detects and removes Silver Sparrow is it enough? Or should I format my Mac since its my work computer just to be safe?

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