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  1. Hi, I am not able to directly access the logs because this is coming from our supporters, and not our staff. The person I asked to look into the logs says that he can't find the log that accompanied that message, but he said this is the message: Website blocked due to reputation Website blocked: links.ajcglobal.org Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. GO BACK and said it's persisting today. Can you check that we are not blocked again, or direct me to where I can check myself? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am not a malwarebytes customer, rather I represent an organization using an ESP to send marketing emails. Several of my recipients have told me that their Malwarebytes browser guard is blocking links.ajcglobal.org, which is a valid link. My ESP treats all of our links this way, and links.ajcglobal.org is just a pass-through that redirects to whatever link it is. I'm not sure if that's why Malwarebytes is catching it as malicious, but it's been scanned and it is safe. Please help ASAP!
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